katie marchisio
I love Manchester United, football and football players. I also love music and have kind of a̶m̶a̶z̶i̶n̶g̶ weird taste. Sending you hugs.

Anonymous said: did you wear the hat shopping grasshopper? - Yoda

I certainly did!

  -  24 July


Do you ever just look at a football player and just think


moodric said: Hi katie

heeey omg I didn’t recognise ur new disguise :)

  -  16 June

Anonymous said: Whats your name?


selfie yay or nay?

Anonymous said: yo sweg yolo gurl yo no waddupp...I know waddupp ;P u get me bro,wes x

I get ya fam

  -  16 June

Anonymous said: Hello beautiful flower blossom! Would like to go for a lovely cup of cherry infused tea? Love from your honey monster Wesley x

Hello my darling, of course! xo

  -  16 June

Anonymous said: yo gurl its wez...but can call me little weezy x peace out hommie. love from ghetto Wesley

sup ghetto Wes

  -  16 June

So proud of my favourite guy Wesley on his 100th cap, and what an amazing match!

5-1 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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